As anyone who has ever attempted to get traffic to a website can attest to, Internet Marketing is one of the most confusing and daunting tasks to tackle.  I have, in my past, attempted PPC, PFP and other paid advertising/marketing venues.  I have been to more Internet Business and Marketing Seminars that I care to admit to and none of it actually worked as promised.  I did however, glean experience from it, so it was worth it in the end.

Not long ago, I lived in New Orleans, Louisiana.  I owned a Computer Networking Firm and I was quite happy.  Enter Hurricane Katrina!  Now, after losing everything in Katrina, I live in Humble, Texas.  My friends and I moved here and decided to open a small home decor and gift shop called Grace’s Unique Gift Boutique.  Of course, since I was the “computer guru” I was supposed to network the store, set up the POS systems and build a website for the store.  After we opened the store in April of 2006, I started working on our website.  I lauched not long after that.  Of course it has been through some renovations, but it is doing well.

Now that you have some of the backstory, lets get down to marketing.  I have worked very hard to market our website on the Internet.  Thus far I have done a pretty good job, our website is generating sales and it keeps be pretty busy.  One of the strategies I used to implementing a Blog for the store and a MySpace for the store.

All that being said, that leads me to the introduction of Internet Marketing News & Tips.  After working on these pages alone and attempting to find marketing strategies and weed through the scams, I had an epiphany.  Why was I working so hard and researching so many different places for this information.  Then I decided to attempt to create a place where everyone could come and share ideas, tips and news about Internet Marketing.  This space for anyone to market their website/blog and to share strategies about the world of Internet Marketing.  Of course it will be moderated and while I don’t mind some adult content I (and others) will be policing the posts to make sure there isn’t anything too outlandish being posted.

So, in the meantime, while the site is getting started I would like to invite all to post and to e-mail me at: in order to become contributors and/or moderators for the group.

I know we can all benefit from the wealth of knowledge we have as a group.  As the old saying goes, “two heads are better than one.”

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